Maintenance Services

Dolphin has been offering unrivalled Complete Plant Maintenance Services for over 20 years.

Heat Exchangers being utilized in the Oil and Gas installations often have corrosive and viscid fluids and gases flowing through its tubes. As heat exchangers age, their performance declines overtime, due to fouling, erosion and corrosion, thus requiring periodic refurbishment and repair. An effective and cost efficient solution is retubing of the exchanger.

Dolphin has earned a reputation of being a specialist provider of retubing services. The key advantage being is that it undertakes all associated works with retubing such as the exchanger blinding, Tube bundle extraction, the procurement and testing of the raw materials, on-site/off-site retubing and finally the bundle installation and equipment commissioning.

Dolphin is equipped with a wide range of specialized retubing equipment and is aided by its highly trained and experiences teams, allowing it to take any challenges and any conditions. With Dolphin you can be assured of a Quality and Timely completion of any projects.

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Dolphin provides a variable high pressure water jet system. The diesel drive high pressure unit delivers an operating pressure up to 40,000 PSI. Our Hydrojetting machines are all retrofitted to be operated in Zone 2 environments. High Pressure water jetting is highly effective and time-cost efficient method of cleaning that provides immaculate results. Hydrojetting can be used to provide a wide range of cleaning solutions such as the cleaning of heat exchanger tubes, coolers, Tanks, Process Internals and pipelines. Our Hydrojetting machines can be fitted with a number of various accessories like Stoneage nozzles Nozzles, Flexible Lance, Rigid Lance, and High Pressure Gun. All of our hydrojetters are qualified and highly experienced in the trade. Furthermore, our technical team has over 15 years of hydrojetting experience in various challenging conditions. Blasting water with Hydrojetting equipment at extremely high pressures is not without risks and hazards, but with our HSE procedures and protective equipment we manage to minimize the associated risks, guaranteeing a safe working environment for all.

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An effective and time-efficient solution, to removal fouling, with minimal access required to an exchanger's internals is chemical cleaning. Once a heat exchanger is identified to be chemically cleaned, Dolphin then studies the metallurgy and the nature and extent of fouling allowing its team of experienced engineers to determine the suitable chemical cleaning agent to be circulated.

Dolphin is the agent for the world's leading Biodegradable Chemical Cleaning Solutions Provider Redlyme. Rydlyme's products are non-Hazardous, non-corrosive, non-injurious, non-toxic, yet a fully biodegradable. Rydlyme dissolves water scale, lime, mud and rust deposits safely, quickly and effectively. Rydlyme has been designed to not corrode, erode, oxidize or have other detrimental effects on virtually any metal or materials commonly found in exchangers, such as Copper, Rubber, Steel, Titanium and Iron.

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Dolphin enjoys a dedicated surface preparation facility allowing it to undertake a range of coating, painting and blasting works. Process Equipments operating in the corrosive environments of the processing plants both on-shore and off-sure are subject to an extreme range of harsh environmental factors which can have a detrimental effect on the equipments lifespan if sufficient safeguards are not provided. Dolphin being a manufacturer and provider of such equipments has developed an expertise in determining and implementing the necessary surface preparation solutions in a cost effective manner.