HVAC Specialist Works and Maintenance

Dolphin operates a commercial and industrial HVAC (heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning) department that performs several design and installation projects for clients including large shopping centers, High Rise Buildings, factories, and other major industrial, manufacturing, commercial and retail clients.

Whether the installation is for a brand new building or the modification of heating and ventilation systems for a renovated building, Dolphin has carried out number of industrial heating and ventilation system projects from design all the way through to installation and maintenance.

Dolphin employs a group of Design Engineers with many years of HVAC experience,Professional Project Managers and Technicians, and a large - skilled workforce capableof performing all facets of HVAC installation and system integration including allrelated piping and metal fabrication work.

Our industrial air conditioning department is fully staffed with certified techniciansthat are ready to serve your air conditioning needs. We will design and install complex A/C systems for new buildings or retrofits for existing buildings.

Dolphin also provides monthly, quarterly, semi –annual and annual maintenance of your A/C systems to increase the lifespan of your industrial system and protect your investment.

Our Service provides:

  • Turn-key designs build HVAC Projects
  • All types of hydraulic, gas, steam and process piping systems.
  • All types of metal air distribution, ventilation and process air systems.
  • Most types of HVAC equipment, including industrial and commercial boiler,heater, packaged air-conditioners, chillers, air handling, cooling towers,pumping and ventilation.

Dolphin Oilfield Equipment Services LLC is one of the leading companies in HVAC maintenance. Our clientele includes Ministries, Power plants, Industries, Shopping Malls, commercial buildings, hospitals, etc.

Dolphin provides maintenance for all cooling systems, including but not limited to, Air Cooled Chillers, Water Cooled Chillers, FCUs, AHUs, and Split Air Conditioners. We also specialize in AMC for Oil and Gas sector. Our experienced team of technicians is ideal for resolving issues and creating preventive and corrective maintenance schedules to prolong the lives of Air Conditioning equipment.

Dolphin also strongly believes in a prompt service, and we respond to breakdown maintenance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.