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What We Do

Dolphin’s services are broadly divided into three categories namely its
Industrial Services, Thermal Systems, and EPC Projects.


Thermal Systems

The choice of the thermal system depends on several factors – right from the production environment to the product’s dimension, its desired quality, budget, and the level of automation required. At Dolphin, we use the latest technology available to design and build high-quality thermal systems that are durable, efficient, and deliver the desired results.

From designing, manufacturing, supplying, and installing heat exchangers, radiators, cooling systems as well as HVAC units and industrial coils, Dolphin does it all.

Thermal Systems




Industrial Services

We produce heat exchangers for different industries that can work in various operating conditions and act as the optimum solution for our clients.

From shell and tube exchangers to air cooled exchangers, plate type exchangers, and cooling tower exchangers, you’ll get them all at Dolphin.

To ensure your heat exchangers are cleaned efficiently and in the right way, we offer a wide range of hydrojetting equipment (Peinemann and Jetstream) and bundle pullers, which are operated by our experienced technicians and operators.

To get your heat exchangers, their circulation systems, pipelines, surfaces of equipment, and vessels rid of contaminants, we offer one of the region’s most effective chemical cleaning services.

Our industrial services also include the installation of heavy equipment, HVAC maintenance (including AMC contracts) and upgradation, and hydraulic hose repair and replacement. We can also deliver specialist technical services on our clients’ requests.

To know more about our industrial services and how they can help your business, check our industrial services section.

Industrial Services





Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Projects

We have complete in-house mechanical, electrical/instrumentation, and civil capabilities to meet your requirements on time and within budget.

Be it plant wastewater and cooling water system upgrade, redesigning and replacement of static and rotating equipment, handling of environmental systems (such as dust collections, fume extraction systems, etc.), or turbine upgrade and refurbishment (TIAC), our EPC services can handle them all.

Throughout the entire lifecycle of your project, we’ll perform all the necessary works and manage it seamlessly. Right from design engineering, procurement and supply of equipment and materials, and commissioning to installation and maintenance, we’ll competently execute the full scope of your project within the agreed timeframe and budget.

Check the details of our EPC services here to take your pick.


EPC projects