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Hydrojetting and ibc/obc

Aside from Heat Exchanger Servicing, we also specialize in the Thermal Design
of Heat Exchangers and Thermal Equipment.

Dolphin Heat Transfer services

Dolphin has the most advanced, high, and ultra-high, pressure water jetting equipment as well as the accompanying safety gear available. Our fleet of pumps ranges from 3,000 to 50,000 psi, and our facility is laid out in a way that ensures reliability and optimum performance of all equipment. We can also provide a variety of purpose-built offshore equipment to fulfill the criteria and requirements of the offshore oil and gas industry.

In addition to our fleet of hydrojetting pumps, we employ high capacity Rigid-Lance Inside Bundle Cleaning (IBC) Machines and Outside Bundle Cleaning Machines.

Dolphin Heat Transfer services

The IBC is designed to handle a large quantity of Heat Exchanger Bundles during Turnaround. The IBC cabin is on top, giving the operator the best view of the tube sheet for maximum efficiency. The IBC cleans 5 Tubes, at one time, with an average speed of 500-750 Tubes per hour. It is very comfortable for the operator and maximum safety and very reliable and powerful machine for all types of Heat Exchangers.

The OBC is a productive shellside cleaner for use in the cleaning bay during turnarounds. The operator is very comfortable in a separate larger cabin completely protected from the high pressure water and contamination. This cabin allows for a clear view of the bundle and gives the operator full control of the nozzle bar which can be manipulated in three directions; “horizontal, vertical and in/out”.