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Why Dolphin


Our Team

Dolphin has an in-house team of 500+ professionals based in its UAE and Oman offices. These include design engineers, project managers, and technicians along with administrative, sales, accounts, and support staff. All our team members are extensively trained in their disciplines – be it locally, globally, or at our training facilities.

We offer adequate growth opportunities to help them stay motivated to perform optimally and contributing to the growth of Dolphin. As a result, we are quick to solve problems in the field, meet our clients’ requirements, and offer complete technical and functional support, as and when they need it.


Why Dolphin

  • 3+ decades of industry experience
  • Designs, develops, and installs the safest and most effective engineering solutions with optimal performance
  • Adheres to stringent quality standards
  • Blends top-notch quality with the most competitive price and delivery timeframe
  • Customer-centric services to build trust and comfort
  • Open to customer feedback and suggestions to better ourselves



Our Speciality

Everyone proclaims their products, services, and solutions to be the best. But what makes Dolphin different? The answer is – delivering the best-suited products, services, and solutions at the right price, at the right time, and in the most efficient manner.

We’re a transparent, responsive business partner backed by more than 3 decades of industry experience that you can depend on.

Three key specialty points of Dolphin are as follows:

1. We’re a local company: With our extensive presence in the UAE and Oman, we understand your problems and requirements better. We can leverage our local knowledge as well as manufacturing and technical expertise to deliver the best-suited solutions to meet your needs

2. We ensure quick, on-time deliveries: We’re favorably positioned to serve businesses in Asia quickly and efficiently. You can enjoy improved business convenience by having a business partner close by to ensure shorter lead times.

3. We have a competitive and honest pricing model: Our local, in-house manufacturing facilities ensure our products and solutions are priced competitively. Additionally, we have a transparent pricing policy to ensure you won’t be surprised by hidden price elements or unexpected price escalations.